About Lexdot


A New Approach to Legal Services

Opportunities for providers and solutions for clients

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Lexdot is an innovative tool that disrupts the traditional legal consultancy and practice, founded by a team of experienced lawyers at the forefront of today’s fast-changing technology. Lexdot is the go-to platform for the modern, progressive provider of legal services who wants to leverage the power of technology for a flexible and independent experience. It serves the needs of small businesses looking for affordable alternative legal services, and individuals in search of a cost-effective way to work with their preferred legal service provider.

Taking NewLaw to the next level

Lexdot is equipped with powerful features crafted for on-demand services by professionals who want to explore new opportunities, yet retain greater control over their work schedule and earning potential. What sets the platform apart is the personalized direct access approach that matches supply with demand and enhances transparency. Lexdot is the missing link in the globalization of practices; our goal is to enhance the round-the-clock availability of experienced legal service professionals.


Creative intelligence Lexdot is the model alternative legal services platform of the future. It’s most likely the only place where flexibility drives performance. It’s ingenious to combine choice, transparency, competition and price predictability in one platform.

Mike Obespo (Lawyer, Business Strategist)

The Mission

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A Global Marketplace

In our quest is to revolutionize the legal industry, we make Lexdot hassle-free for users to find professional talents and effortless to manage projects- at any time, from anywhere. Some of the most experienced client-oriented law industry experts establish an online presence as providers on Lexdot. Legal support service providers also use our electronic technologies to connect and accomplish tasks with lawyers and clients. Some law firms have used our integrated electronic networks to work on projects.

On-Demand Expertise

Lexdot is open to all legal professionals, legal providers, legal support services providers, and other professionals who are in some way related to the legal profession. They work independently, and when possible collaboratively to create easy access to legal services. This cuts costs and saves time for all parties.


Professional Compliance

Lexdot serves the needs of the legal freelance community. We carry out identity checks on the providers to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Although we are constantly searching for ways to use technology to improve access to affordable legal solutions, Lexdot is for only vetted, passionate professionals.


Cost-Effective Solutions

Lexdot guarantees the predictability of costs against the idea of ‘billable hours’ which creates a sense of uncertainty. Experienced and affordable legal services providers are available in many areas of law. Lack of resources is no longer be an excuse for limited access to legal services or legal representation in contested matters. Law firms supplement their in-house resources and connect from anywhere for a solution to a one-time project or a retainership. Our improved access to legal representation has made Lexdot the best source for reliable Legal advisors.