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Lexdot is a legal marketplace for on-demand legal services and a resource platform with the best flexible professionals for fixed-price projects without the brick and mortar overhead

Process Outsourcing

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Get support for law-related tasks or services from flexible professionals; assign your managerial, research, or support services to talents with the requisite legal and process skills.

Freelance Consultancy

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Work online/ offline projects with trusted legal professionals who have predictable requirements, specifications and schedules without worries about being billed by the hour

Independent Consultants

Ensuring that things are done right from the beginning saves time, money and reduces risk. You are in good hands with a growing community of independent legal consultants who are networking and building relationships globally on our marketplace as freelancers. We initiated the modern way to connect highly skilled legal consultant with start-ups, small or medium enterprises, and individuals in the quest for affordable legal services and providers. We continue to leverage the power of innovative technology to create global legal process outsourcing solutions and a digital legal marketplace. There is equal opportunity for the qualified legal industry professional to join our world-class flexible legal services providers.

Next-Generation Legal Marketplace

  • Lexdot is a global marketplace of legal services professionals. It provides direct access to legal delivery for individuals and businesses.
  • We provide an efficient system that makes it effortless for providers to reach potential clients through a secure online presence.
  • We connect individuals, businesses and legal departments to the right legal service provider with the right expertise, on the right budget.
  • There are customizable profile system and legal marketing solution that allow providers to showcase their areas of expertise and credentials.
  • Lexdot creates an effective way for consumers to find and choose service providers who are willing to work around their budget, independently.
  • We verify Providers’ of background to give clients the peace of mind to work with only qualified and trusted professionals.
  • We have a streamlined process to hire legal professionals that ensure every party lives up to his/her end of the bargain.
  • There’s a private and secure complete workflow with optional project management and online collaboration system.

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